Preamble and main values of the Hernia Chapter of the Association of Polish Surgeons.
In the spirit of our commitment to cultural and gender diversity and our constant pursuit of improving treatment outcomes, the Hernia Chapter of the Association of Polish Surgeons has anchored its existence in these fundamental values outlined below. These principles guide our efforts in enhancing the professional and personal development of our members and promote and propagate the advancement of hernia treatment in Poland.



We support diversity in all forms, both within the Board and Membership of our Chapter. This commitment ensures a rich exchange of perspectives, fostering a more inclusive atmosphere.

Improving the quality and outcomes of treatment:

Our main goal is to enhance patient care through three focused strategies:

  • Strengthening knowledge in herniology among the members of the Chapter.
  • Developing practical surgical skills among the members of the Chapter.
  • Enhancing non-medical competencies.

Strategies for Knowledge and Skills Enhancement:

Educational Initiatives:
  • Participation as experts in Polish scientific events related to surgery and herniology.
  • Bi-monthly free webinars to disseminate the latest practices in herniology.
  • Regular updates on our website with practical materials and current research.
  • Active participation in a dedicated Facebook forum, encouraging sharing of challenging cases, discussions, and multimedia resources from surgical procedures.
Skills Development Programs:
  • Organization of personalized internships in training units for practical training.
  • Conducting practical workshops during major surgical congresses in Poland.
  • Long-term educational programs and cadaver workshops.
Enhancement of Non-Medical Skills:
  • Focus on communication skills to support decision-making.
  • Addressing the psychological aspects of hernia diseases and their impact on quality of life.
The board will regularly analyze these initiatives to ensure they align with the evolving understanding of best practices in herniology. Members are encouraged to actively participate and provide feedback to continuously refine our approach and direction of development.

Our core values are not just principles, but embody our commitment to advancing herniology through diversity and improving patient treatment outcomes. We believe that by promoting a comprehensive and inclusive approach, we can significantly strengthen the professional skills of our members and the care they provide to their patients. These values guide our Section in its mission, shaping a future where each member contributes to collective growth and the enhancement of patient care.

Our Partners
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