Hernia Chapter of the Association of Polish Surgeons
We invite all surgeons who wish to refine their skills in the field of anterior abdominal wall reconstructive surgery to join and help develop the Hernia Chapter of the Association of Polish Surgeons. The main goal of the section is to foster research and educate subsequent generations of surgeons.
7 - 8 november 2024 GDAŃsk
We warmly invite you to the Baltic Hernia Days scheduled for November 7-8, 2024, in Gdańsk. This unique event on such a scale will be an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge in herniology. The best lecturers from around the world will ensure the highest academic level. The program will be filled with a rich array of attractions. The event is endorsed by the European Hernia Society (EHS), the Association of Polish Surgeons, and the Hernia Chapter of the Association of Polish Surgeons.

Chairman of the Hernia Chapter: dr n. med. Mateusz Zamkowski. Vice Chair: prof. Kryspin Mitura, lek. Przemysław Rymkiewicz

Workshops and Courses
Learn more about the upcoming courses and training sessions
All the most important guidelines and recommendations are available through the Hernia Chapter's website.
Purpose of action
The purpose of the Section is to promote and educate on contemporary hernia treatment methods among surgeons in Poland. The Section also conducts scientific research and participates in the creation of international treatment standards.
We encourage active registration and participation in the section's structures. We strive to ensure that members can benefit from the facilities and training materials created specifically to promote science and education.
  • Workshops and courses
    For members, courses and training are planned at one of the training centers specified in the Hernia Section.
  • Access to materials
    Membership provides access to materials published by the Hernia Chapter and the European Hernia Society (translated materials, patient leaflets, informed consents for surgical procedures).
  • Discounts on congresses
    Members of the section will receive discounts on congresses and conferences accredited by the Hernia Chapter.
  • Access to lectures
    A series of lectures on the most pressing and controversial issues related to hernias and reconstruction of the anterior abdominal wall. Experts in periodic lectures will attempt to provide answers to topics selected by the members of the section.
  • Access to the hernia forum
    A closed Facebook group will help exchange experiences, seek advice, and benefit from the knowledge and advice of top Polish experts in herniology. Participation also allows for voting on the topic of the next online lecture created by the section.
We encourage participation and training at one of the units specializing in advanced procedures in hernia and abdominal wall reconstruction. Details regarding schedules and registrations can be found under the Courses and Events tab. Additionally, we encourage direct contact with the center to organize training
  • Swissmed Hospital in Gdańsk
    Gdańsk, ul. Wileńska 44
    Professor Śmietański Hernia Center. All procedures related to the reconstruction of the anterior abdominal wall (open and laparoscopic) are performed there. The head of the center is Professor Maciej Śmietański.
  • Municipial Hospital in Siedlce
    Siedlce, ul Starowiejska 15
    Department of General Surgery. All procedures related to the reconstruction of the anterior abdominal wall (open and laparoscopic) are performed there. The head of the department is Professor Kryspin Mitura.
  • Municipial Hospital in Olsztyn
    Olsztyn, ul. Niepodległości 44
    W Szpitalu funkcjonuje Oddział Chirurgii Ogólnej. Wykonuje się wszystkie zabiegi z zakresu rekonstrukcji przedniej ściany brzucha (otwarte i laparoskopowe). Kierownikiem jest lek. Przemysław Rymkiewicz.
  • Central Clinical Hospital of Medical University of Lodz
    92-213 Łódź, ul. Pomorska 251, Polska
    The Department of General and Oncological Surgery, led by Professor Łukasz Dziki, is a center specializing in the treatment of complicated and complex cases of abdominal hernias (including parastomal hernias), also using laparoscopic access. In the field of hernia surgeries, Professor Marcin Włodarczyk is an expert at the Clinic.
Chairman of Hernia Chapter of the Association of Polish Surgeons
dr n. med. Mateusz Zamkowski
Vice Chair
prof. dr hab. Kryspin Mitura
Vice Chair
lek. Przemysław Rymkiewicz
EHS Delegate - General Board Member
prof. dr hab. Maciej Śmietański
General Board Member
dr n. med. Jacek Szopiński
General Board Member
lek. Marta Wójcik
Członek Zarządu Głównego
dr hab. Marcin Włodarczyk
Phone No: +48 504 236 036
Email: sekcja@sekcjaprzepuklin.pl
Swissmed Hospital, ul. Wileńska 44, 80-215 Gdańsk
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The Hernia Chapter of Association of the Polish Surgeons also serves as the Polish delegation of the European Hernia Society. We strongly encourage everyone interested in enhancing their knowledge in herniology and abdominal wall reconstruction to join the EHS. For Polish individuals wishing to join the EHS, the membership fee is reduced by half - it amounts to 45 Euros.

Our Partners
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